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Angela M. Kuhn
MSc. Candidate
Department of Oceanography
Dalhousie University
1355 Oxford Street
Halifax, NS, B3H 4J1

Room 2609 LSC
Phone +1 (902) 494 3655
Fax +1 (902) 494 3877

My Research Interests

With a basic background in oceanography and ecology, I am interested in improving my analysis skills and learn about numerical tools to model and understand the biophysical interactions in the ocean. In my native country, I was involved in projects related to climate variability of the Eastern Equatorial Pacific and its effects on marine communities. My undergraduate thesis studied the empirical relationship between local sea temperature and the composition of fish and macroinvertebrate communities using multivariate analysis.

I am also interested in the maintenance and evolution of ocean observing systems, to enhance the holistic understanding of the ocean and climate and to contribute into science-based decision-making processes at marine protected areas

Other Interests

I am amateur writer of poetry and narrative in Spanish and I have colaborated as well as proofreader and editor of science communication text. I enjoy ocean life and diving (open water license)