Fabian Grosse

Fabian Grosse
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Department of Oceanography
Dalhousie University
1355 Oxford Street
Halifax, NS, B3H 4R2

Room 2621 LSC
Phone +1 (902) 494 3655
Fax +1 (902) 494 3877
E-mail: fabian.grosse@dal.ca
Skype: fabianabm
ORCID: 0000-0003-2801-5493
Researchgate: Fabian_Grosse


PhD – Earth System Sciences, University of Hamburg, Germany

Diploma – Physical Oceanography, University of Hamburg, Germany

My Research Interests

Already at an early stage of my studies of Physical Oceanography I developed a strong interest in the physico-biochemical interactions in the marine environment. During my Diploma thesis I investigated the role of winter convection in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean for the survival of phytoplankton during this light-limited time of the year, using the physical-biogeochemical model ECOHAM. Thereafter, I continued using ECOHAM, however, more focusing on the dynamics of the North Sea, a northwestern European shelf sea. This change in topic brought me new insights with respect to anthropogenic influences on the marine environment, which became my second major interest during the course of my PhD.

My PhD work focused on the oxygen dynamics of the North Sea in general and, more specifically, the influence of nitrogen inputs from external sources (e.g. rivers, atmosphere) on the evolution of oxygen deficiency in the North Sea. To approach this topic, I combined and extended a nutrient tracing method (often referred to as 'trans-boundary nutrient transports' or TBNT) with the ECOHAM model. This method allows for the quantification of the contribution of nutrients such as nitrogen from individual sources to the processes involved in the biochemical cycles of an ecosystem. Thus, the combined application of physical-biogeochemical models and TBNT provides a useful tool for assessing the role of various nutrient sources for the ecosystem dynamics and, thus, for the ecological management.

The first goal for my post-doctoral fellowship at Dalhousie is the successful application of TBNT and ROMS to the northern Gulf of Mexico, where large areas experience hypoxic conditions near the seafloor during summer, wiith negative impact especially on the benthic and demersal fauna.

Other Interests

Though research became a passion over the years, there are, of course, other things to keep my work-life balance. Number one is cycling which is my means of choice for finding my way through whatever city in the world. Besides I like to do sports (squash, hiking, soccer) and I used to go fishing and to make music. Unfortunately, I only very rarely found the time for those latter two over the past few years. However, those who are interested can give a listen to Bisons (that's the band's name indeed) here.

Fortunately, there is enough enjoyable music out there to satisfy my musical needs and the Nova Scotian and Atlantic Canada folk scene may welcome me over a cold craft beer on one or another concert.

Oh, and last but not least: decent food!