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Jonathan Izett
MSc Student
Department of Oceanography
Dalhousie University
1355 Oxford Street
Halifax, NS, B3H 3Y8

Room 2614 LSC
Fax +1 (902) 494 3877

Research Interests

My favourite aspect of oceanography is its interdisciplinary nature. Although my background is primarily based in physics, through oceanography I get to investigate biochemical processes and their interrelation with the underlying physical principles. I find it an extremely dynamic and engaging field, with so many interesting and exciting possibilities.

My Master's research focused on the dynamics of river plumes and the influence of different physical parameters on not only their circulation and structure, but also the local biochemical interactions. Using ROMS, I simulated the influence of such properties as latitude, river discharge, and wind patterns on an idealized plume.

The following video is of one of my plumes, which is allowed to develop at a latitude of 45-degrees, without the presence of any external forcing. This a very simple case of my river plume model, with many runs featuring more complex and interesting forcing scenarios.

I completed my BSc in Physics and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria in the Spring of 2014. My MSc thesis was completed in the summer of 2016. Next up: PhD studies at TU Delft (in the Netherlands), studying turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer. My hope is to link it eventualy to air-sea interactions.

Other Interests

Some of my favourite activities include getting outdoors and participating in a variety of acitivites such as kayaking and hiking. I am also a soccer fanatic and will happily put on my boots to go 'kick a ball around'.

When not outside, you might find me reading a good book or trying to learn some random skill (recently, headstands and juggling - perhaps I'll join the circus as a fall back!).