Krysten Rutherford

Krysten Rutherford
PhD Candidate
Department of Oceanography
Dalhousie University
1355 Oxford Street
Halifax, NS, B3H 4J1

Room 2612 LSC
Phone +1 (902) 494 3655
Fax +1 (902) 494 3877

My Research Interests

My background is in engineering and chemistry, but I made the switch to oceanography in 2014 with a desire to apply my general chemistry and engineering background to better understand the effects of climate change on our oceans, and delve into the numerical modelling world. I specifically work with our model of the northwest North Atlantic to study how transport pathways are affecting the carbon cycling in the region. My focus is on understanding what biological and physical processes are underlying the CO2 seasonality and spatial variability, and air-sea CO2 flux, both now and under future climate states.

Other Interests

I often joke that I have too many hobbies and not enough time for them. I am an avid concert-goer, LP collector and even dabble in playing various instruments myself. I love spending as much free time outside as possible, exploring beautiful Nova Scotia through hiking, camping, swimming, etc. When it's not as nice outside, I'm often crafting in some way, whether it be painting, knitting or sewing my own clothes!