Jacob MacDonald


My Research Interests

Other than my lifelong love of the ocean, I am drawn to oceanography for its interdisciplinary approach. Included with finishing up my undergraduate degree is the everlasting question of where exactly my research interests lie within oceanography. Being such a broad field, there are so many topics that interest me. I find great interest in how different systems and processes are connected in the ocean and coupled physical-biogeochemical models are exceptional tools to explore that interest. Hence I am currently investigating my fascination with using mathematics to explain and predict the natural world and its phenomena through working with the modelling of the Bedford Basin and surrounding waters in Nova Scotia. Specifically, I am looking at explaining the physics and driving factors of intrusion events in the Bedford Basin.

Some of my other works and projects include assessing the interannual variability of mesoscale eddies at the BATS time series site in Bermuda as well as different fisheries-based projects in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Other Interests

Anything to keep me outside exploring and staying active, some of my favourite activities are hockey, soccer, scuba diving and camping. When I can't be running around outside I love to be sharing laughs with loved ones around a campfire and a guitar.